5 Reasons to Clean Your Wearable

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If you are into fitness, chances are, you have a wearable that either tracks your steps/workout, heartbeat, or even sleep.

I am kind of a germaphobe and believe it is a good idea to clean my Fitbit at least once a day. Read more to find out why!


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I have both the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit ChargeHR. I like to let my skin breathe every now and then, especially once I’ve reached my target 10,000 steps a day. I am currently eyeing the Fitbit Alta, because it is so sleek, but I already have the Tory Burch for Fitbit fret double-wrap bracelet. (Good news, ladies! It’s finally on SALE!)

And yes, I bedazzled my ChargeHR with a charm I found on Amazon! Similar items are also available on Etsy. On days I do not want to wear my Tory Burch bracelet, I keep my ChargeHR on, and like to think that the charm hides the fact that I am addicted to my wearable. I sometimes pile on bracelets for pure arm candy joy!

Fitbit Charge HR with Bling - Berniedette of Petite And Toned


Below are reasons why I think it is a good idea to clean your wearable:

  1. You sweat with your wearable. Assuming you wear your device to workout, it’s safe to bet that a drop of sweat or two might get onto your wearable. Or worse, someone else’s drop of sweat might end up on your wearable. Oh dear! Imagine going around all day with sweat wrapped around your wrist? Or worse… imagine sleeping with that, which leads into my second reason…
  2. You sleep with your wearable. If you don’t clean your wearable, does that mean you’re taking sweat from your workout into your clean bed? Gah? I am a germaphobe and that just creeps me out! Especially if it’s not your sweat, which is possible during intense workouts like Barry’s Bootcamp, which I take on a regular basis.
  3. Assuming your wearable is wrapped (tightly) around your wrist, cleaning your wearable gives your skin time to breathe, even just for a few minutes.
  4. If you have a light colored band, cleaning your wearable might help keep your band looking new for a while.
  5. Cleaning your wearable might help remove any gunk (I know, gross) that impacts your device’s ability to read steps of your heart rate. I may have made this reason up, and let my imagination get the best of me.

These are just a few reasons why I think it is important to clean your wearable, preferably on a daily basis.

Now, here are some ways I clean my wearable:

  1. After an intense workout, like Barry’s Bootcamp, I take a makeup wipe either available at the studio/gym or from my cosmetic case. It might not have any antibacterial ingredients, but mentally, it feels like my wearable is clean enough for the day. Though not explicitly called out, this cleaning method might NOT be recommended according to Fitbit’s product care page. I just want a quick remedy to get me through the day. I resort to this when I am in a rush, which is, unfortunately, most days.
  2. If I have time after an intense class, I dampen a towel with water and wipe my wearable down. Depending on the studio, I may or may not use the soap. It just depends on how gentle I think the soap is. I let it dry as I get ready.
  3. When I get home at night, I personally wipe down my wearable with a wet paper towel and some gentle hand soap. Or I use a cotton ball to wipe my Fitbit with rubbing alcohol. I let my wearable dry, which allows time for my skin to breathe. The only thing I worry about is missing not keeping track of my steps! LOL

For those of you with an iWatch, the recommended product care steps can be found here.

For those of you with a Jawbone, the recommended product care steps can be found here.

There are plenty of other wearable brands out there, but I am sure the care steps are very similar. I advise you to read the owner’s manual for your specific devices!

This leads me well into another topic…

When I clean my wearable, I give my cell phone a good wipe down as well. Think about it. Occasionally, you drop your phone face down on the ground, which people walk on. Imagine it fell on a city side walk. Now, you want to make a phone call without a headset. Mmm, this may be drastic, but in my germaphobe mind, the streets of San Francisco are now all over your check. That really creeps me out! LOL


Anyways, I’m curious to hear if you have similar thoughts, or what wearable you use and how you care for it!

In good health,


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