Birthday Wishlist 2017

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So my birthday is this weekend (March 26th). And for some reason, I thought of compiling my wishlist only recently. I’m currently coveting all sorts of things from purses to home decor to experiences and even some online classes for personal development.

Whether it’s your birthday or not, what are you currently drooling over? I might have to update my list based on your suggestions!


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So I thought of this wishlist only a few days ago. Perhaps it’s because as I get older, birthdays become less of a big deal. I realize the best gifts I get are actually from myself! If I purchase anything here for myself, it’ll be after my birthday.

Also, I don’t want to burden asking anyone for a specific gift that either a) I have my heart set on or b) is just out of their price range. I figure it’s still not a bad idea to save this list as a reference point for me, my family, and my future man! Whoot!

The Art of Gifting

I believe that when you’re gifting someone special or close to you, it should be a gift that you know they might want, but can’t afford to purchase now. Or perhaps something they may have never thought to purchase for themselves.

A perfect example of these might be flowers. They actually serve no functional purpose other than being decorative and making one happy. I personally buy flowers for the home here and there. But whenever someone sends me flowers, which I know are overly priced, it just makes me feel super special!

Jewelry is almost always a nice gift and sometimes a great conversation starter. For example, someone might compliment their earrings, which you so happened to gift her. Obviously, she will mention you and think warm fuzzies all over!

With that said, here goes my list, along with their rankings. If you’re shopping for someone interested in living a fit and luxe lifestyle, perhaps they would love these picks as well!

Things to Expand my Wardrobe

Clothes are typically hit or miss for someone my size and shape. But brands liked Banana Republic, Eliza J, and Paige denim are generally safe brands for me.


[col3_1]Ranking[/col3_1] [col3_2]Paige Transcend Verdugo Ankle Ultra Skinny Jeans in gray (size 24), $179 // I love Paige as they’re great for petites![/col3_2]

[col3_1]Low[/col3_1] [col3_2]Ankle wrap pumps or wedges like Banana Republic’s Madison 12-Hour Ankle-Wrap Pump in navy (size 6 or 6.5), $138, but you can almost always score a sale[/col3_2]

[col3_1]Very Low[/col3_1] [col3_2]A purse from Cuyana, like this backpack (in blush) which can turn into a top handle satchel, $350 // or this mini saddle bag in miele aka congac, $195 // I saw both at Femme Fair, and drooled [/col3_2]


PC: Nordstrom’s

PC: Banana Republic

PC: Cuyana

PC: Cuyana

Things to keep me fit


[col3_1]Ranking[/col3_1] [col3_2]S’well bottle in crocodile print to keep me cool during hot yoga, 17 oz for $35 or 25 oz for $45[/col3_2]

[col3_1]Medium[/col3_1] [col3_2]Fitbit Alta HR in rose gold, $180 // My Charge HR broke so I’m using my old Flex // Given the delicate color, I will obviously have to clean it well as I mentioned here[/col3_2]

[col3_1]High[/col3_1] [col3_2]New running shoes like these Asics GT-2000 (size 6.5), approximately $60-120. // I actually need two new pairs to rotate between.[/col3_2]


PC: Nordstrom

PC: Fitbit // Nordstrom’s

PC: Amazon

PC: Amazon

Things to update my home (perfect for the Glam Girl)


[col3_1]Ranking[/col3_1] [col3_2]Gold and glass coffee table like this one from Living Spaces ($195) or this one from Joss & Main, $257[/col3_2]

[col3_1]Very high (yet both are out of stock, of course)[/col3_1] [col3_2]Set of four dining room chairs like this one ($520-610) or this one ($1.6k – $3.2k) Yea it’s expensive and in an upcoming blog post, I will show you how to find the best prices[/col3_2]

[col3_1]Very high[/col3_1] [col3_2]Glam or transitional TV Stand like this one ($300)[/col3_2]


PC: Living Spaces

PC: Joss & Main

PC: Joss & Main

PC: Joss & Main

PC: Joss & Main

 Things for my workspace or blog (so I can be a blogger extraordinaire)


[col3_1]Ranking[/col3_1] [col3_2]New laptop, probably a MacBook, but still not sure which color or model, $1.3k+ // Also, I’ve used a PC all my life![/col3_2]

[col3_1]High[/col3_1] [col3_2]Silver monitor for my PC desktop like this one or this one, because although my current black monitor still works, it’s an eyesore against my updated office (blog post to come), $100-150+  [/col3_2]

[col3_1]Medium[/col3_1] [col3_2]Pinfinite Growth class to up my Pinterest Game and help drive traffic to the blog, $397-435, yep – ouch![/col3_2]



PC: Apple



PC: Amazon



PC: Pinterest



In all honesty, experiences are what I most value right now over any tangible item noted above.


[col3_1]Ranking[/col3_1] [col3_2]Gel Manicure, $30-35 // I think it’s a cute idea to have a mani date with friends![/col3_2]

[col3_1]High[/col3_1] [col3_2]Tickets to watch Swan Lake (in town 3/31 through 4/15), $35 – $150+ // Tickets to Hamilton, $Your first child LOL [/col3_2]

[col3_1]High[/col3_1] [col3_2]Vacation to somewhere nice like Hawaii, or a few countries/cities in Europe, $2k+ // This is when that Macbook would come in handy![/col3_2]

[col3_1]Extremely High, I’m overdue for a much-deserved vacation, even if it’s local for now[/col3_1]

PC: SF Ballet

PC: Play Bill

PC: Marriott



Although my wish list looks plentiful, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve seen better days and I have seen worse, but for the most part, I think I am in a good place in my life.



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