Color Factory: Purple

At the end of the upstairs hallway at the Color Factory was actually the Turquoise room. Since it was crowded, we decided to experience the Purple room first, which by the way is LILAC – my favorite shade of purple!

This photo of my parents is exactly why I wanted to go during daylight. I’m not a fan of tungsten (yellow indoor) light in my photos. And I love the natural light cascading into this room!

Fun Fact: Both my sister and I LOVE purple! It’s our favorite color! I tend to love the more pastel shade. She tends to love the more regal jewel-toned shade.


And now, we head into the room I’ve been waiting for – the Turquoise room, also known as the Confetti room!

So unless you want confetti all over you in the photos you snap in the Purple room, I highly suggest stopping by the Purple space before you frolic in confetti!

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