Color Factory: Turquoise

After experiencing the Purple room of the Color Factory, we headed into the room I was most excited about. TURQUOISE!!!! aka the Confetti room.

Before proceeding, know that this is perhaps the room where you need the most patience. Everyone wants their epic shot, and with good timing, you can absolutely make it work! I encourage you to make friends and make offer to take photos or boomerangs for others. This room is by far the most magical to me.

This room is probably a social media fave, but as my friend Shawn advised… don’t just take photos. Enjoy the experience. It’s not everyday we get to roll around in confetti and realize how good life is. Thank you for the advice, Shawn!


This series below is my favorite photos of me and my sister – EVER!!! I don’t think we’ve had this much fun in so long, or at least not captured on film. Thanks, mom, for playing photog!

The funny thing about this day was that it was Day 1 of month end close (I’m an accountant). But when you are rolling around making confetti angels, who cares if you have to stay at work later on a Friday because you chose to play at the Color Factory for an hour or two?

This room was sponsored by @methodhome, one of my favorite cleaning product lines (and it’s based in San Francisco as well!). So this was the third station where you could opt to have your photos taken photo booth style. It makes me so happy to see my family having so much fun in these photos!

Confetti overload for my dad. He needed a break in the white room after these photos LOL

Photobombing my sister’s shot. Story of her life LOL

My mom later asked me if we took enough photos…. of me. Sadly, no. I wanted more time in the purple room, but I had to get back to work and there was still the yellow room left to enjoy.

Life is good when you can roll around in confetti

Again, now you see why I wanted to go during daylight. It’s so bright and airy right now. Natural and indirect sunlight is always best for photos.

And a room would not be complete without my ballerina pose!

And now, we had to dust off the confetti, and headed into the white room between the turquoise and purple rooms. It was the perfect place to take a short break. Keep in mind, this was the hottest day on record in San Francisco. And the humidity was at an all time high. So imagine how much confetti was stuck to us in who knows where. LOL

Yes, I ended up walking back to work with a bunch of confetti stuck to me. LOL

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