Color Factory: Yellow

And last but not least, after taking a break in the white room of the Color Factory, we now proceed to the yellow room, aka the ball pit!

Note that yellow is perceived as the harshest color to the eye (while grey being the easiest). So I love the color combo here in this photo below. And now, I understand why we needed that break in the white room.

But I see why they chose the yellow room for last. Yellow is a color that makes you happy. So why not end the Color Factory experience on a happy note?


My mom almost drowned in the ball pit LOL
We had to help her out several times.

So my dad sat this one out also. I’m not exactly sure why, but perhaps it’s because he didn’t want to take off his shoes. Now, keep in mind, I am the biggest germaphobe ever. I shudder to think about how nasty and germ infested this ball pit might be. The things we do for Instagram. LOL

This was the fourth and last experience where you can have the Color Factory take photos of you. Note that there were at least three cameras here, so plenty of chances for everyone to have their shining moment. Two of the cameras are directly overhead, which allowed for aerial birds-eye view photos!

After realizing how much time we spent at the Color Factory, we finally made our way out of the ball pit. Granted, we still found a few cool photo opportunities before officially heading out.

Sweaty hot mess!

Again, if I’m not wearing heels, I must pose in relevé!

At the end of the experience, we got a nice frozen ice cream treat. I picked the Japanese Milk and Vanilla combo.

Much needed frozen treat for San Francisco’s hottest day on record.

There was also a map available at the end of the tour. In it, you will find other adventures to experience all around San Francisco. Perhaps a discount or two at local merchants who embrace color, or a hidden color experience around the corner from the entrance.

I’m so happy and fortunate that I got to spend an hour (or two) at the Color Factory. Do not hesitate to buy tickets!

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