Color Factory: a 12,000 square foot Color Experience

Life is good when you can roll around in confetti

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In case you haven’t heard, the Color Factory Company is temporarily in San Francisco.

With tickets sold out during the entire first two months of their tenure, I thought I’d share my Color Experience with you. They will extend their stay for a perhaps another month, but tickets are for sure going to sell out within the hour.

Should the Color Factory make its way to your city, I hope you score tickets.

It was seriously the BEST DAY EVER!

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The Color Factory is a 12,000 square foot Color Experience which will blow your mind! Based on the #colorfactoryco and the geolocation tag, we all know how great this place is.

Now, in case you don’t know, I am a big fan of color. I tell stories in my Instagram feed using color. The week I visited the Color Factory, I concluded my Color Theory class. (I’m an aspiring interior designer, in case you didn’t know.) And all I can say is, this was the perfect way to end the Summer Semester.

Since only a select few were able to share this experience, I decided my next blog post would be a photo journal of the greatest day ever. I actually used to scrapbook and I miss it. So I look at this photo journal as my digital copy of that most perfect day in the city of San Francisco, which, by the way, was THE HOTTEST DAY ON RECORD!


Things to know

Ticket Purchase

  • Tickets will most likely sell out. You need to sign up for updates either on their website (here), or on their social media outlets, like Instagram @ColorFactoryCo.
  • DO NOT HESITATE to buy tickets. My sister and I waited a day or two before picking a date, and much to my regret, August was sold out. Like, major FOMO. We were quite fortunate to land tickets for September when they extended their stay. They plan stay a little bit longer and will release ticket information on September 12th. You DO NOT want to miss out on this.
  • Tickets in San Francisco cost $32. Some might think it’s pricey, but as you can tell from my photos, it is absolutely worth it!
  • You want to make sure you have a good connection once tickets are released. Try to stay at home or in the office. Trying to purchase your tickets while on your commute is very risky should your mode of transportation go under a tunnel and cut off signal. That would be tragic!
  • For each ticket you purchase, you need to designate the name of the ticket owner. This name should obviously match their ID which is required upon entrance.
  • Because tickets are assigned names, there is no “black market”. You can not buy tickets off of craigslist or StubHub.


  • Tickets are assigned specific time slots. If you do not show up within half an hour of your assigned time slot, you forfeit your ticket.
  • I believe the recommended amount of time for the experience is one hour, but honestly, I think two is more reasonable especially if you want to accomplish taking good photos while soaking in the experience.
  • In terms of photography, I suggest going during the day in order to capture natural sunlight, particularly in the Purple and Turquoise rooms.

What to Wear

  • I chose to wear white, and in my photos, you will see why.
  • If you can not wear white, I suggest wearing a solid color, preferably one that is bright or pastel in tone.
  • I would refrain from wearing a busy print, unless you planned to match the art.
  • Use your judgment in what will look good in photos.

Where to Eat

  • My family and I ate at Tacorea, which serves delicious Mexican and Korean fusion food!


  • Upon registering, you will receive a laminated card with a QR code which links to the email you register with. There are four stations at the Color Factory where you can have your photos snapped, similar to a photo booth at parties.
  • I highly suggest using DSLR camera, or the latest iPhone. Note that plenty of visitors came in with only their iPhone and I know they had great photos.
  • Be patient. Everyone wants their photos. So if you want your perfect shot, you and your photographer will need to be patient in order to score that perfect moment where no one is in the frame.
  • With that said, be mindful of other visitors and their time. Try to avoid hogging a certain area for too long.
  • Offer to take photos of other groups. Hey, they might just return the favor and take your photo or boomerang of you and your group of friends.
  • When you ask a stranger to take a photo of you and your friends, show them the exact frame you want captured. And tell them to take a billion.
  • Study the #colorfactoryco and the geolocation tags, however, don’t go through every photo. You want to leave some element of surprise during your experience.
  • Be creative! When soaking in the experience, think outside of the box in terms of how and what you photograph. Hint, it doesn’t always have to include your face. Another hint: my favorite photos of me and my family were candid snapshots (or you know, the photos by fellow bloggers or instagrammers pretending to look candid LOL)
  • Know your angles. Looking back, I didn’t realize how I ended up looking like a ballerina in a lot of my photos. Truth is, those poses come natural to me since I used to dance (nothing pro, but more like jazzy hip hop in college and after).
  • Don’t get too caught up in the photos. As much as I love the hundreds of photos my family and I took, it’s really more about the experience. It’s not everyday you get to roll around in confetti. This advice was given to me by my friend Shawn. He knows I love a good photo opp, but he encouraged me to soak up the experience and realize how good life is.

Photo Journal

In order to speed up loading, I decided to have separate pages for each color, or experience, if you will.

With that said, I would love to share my Color Factory Experience with you. Just click on the options below and prepare to be amazed.


Exterior of 575 Sutter Street

[/col1] [col2]

Rainbow Entrance

[/col2] [col3]

Striped Room

[/col3] [col1]

Black & White

[/col1] [col2]


[/col2] [col3]



Opal Iridescent

Light Bright




[/col1] [col2]


[/col2] [col3]

Upstairs Hallway








As you can see, it was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! I hope the Color Factory makes its way to your town. So sign up for updates here. Shoot, I want to go again that I might just have to fly down to LA or elsewhere in order to get another taste of the Color Factory.

Living in Color,


Ice Cream Treat

Much needed frozen treat for San Francisco’s hottest day on record.


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