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Not only do compression socks help me perform better as an athlete, they also help me recover after hard runs.

[disclaim] *I am not a fitness professional. I do not claim to be an expert in fitness. I simply hope to share my experience and passion with others. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. [/disclaim] [line]

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If you’ve seen me at bootcamp, you’ll probably notice I wear bright socks. But it’s not just to look cute. I actually need them to prevent injuries.

I started wearing compression socks about a year ago when I suffered from a severe case of shin splints as a result of running on normal treadmills. (Note that I prefer running on Woodway treadmills because the shock absorbency is easier on my knees compared to normal treadmills or real pavement.)

My shin splints were so bad that I limped while either jogging or walking because the pain from my shin splints went up and down my leg. At first, my ankles felt weak. Then my bad knees kicked in and ultimately, I felt sporadic sharp pain up my sciatic nerve.

Not good at all.

This forced me to take it down a bit. I had to lay low from running (stick to strength training instead) and take it easy on days I felt ok to run.

I noticed my friends who run wore socks and later realized they wear socks for a reason.

I immediately went to the store and bought a pair. I now own a bunch of colors from 2XU. Based on Amazon reviews, I knew this was the brand to go with. I’m open to trying other brands to at least determine if they are tight enough, however, I ask myself: “Do I really want to take the risk of triggering potential shin splints with brands that didn’t rate as well on Amazon?” It’s not something I want to risk at the moment.

In terms of recovery, these are terrific! I have only the performance version of 2XU socks. Note that they do sell recovery socks.

Reasons why I continue to wear compression socks

  • Improved blood circulation (I immediately felt the difference when I first tried them on!)
  • Prevention of shin splints (those are THE worst)
  • Layer of protection (Note that I prefer running with shorts or a skirt at bootcamp because I think that somehow, it helps me run faster. So these socks keep me covered)
  • Ankles feel secure (though I do wear a brace on my left ankle)
  • Pop of color! (POC) – I just tend to color coordinate (or wear a fun color combo when I can)

Note that they aren’t easy to put on, but within minutes of stepping into these, you will feel the difference, especially if your shins or calves hurt.

And FYI, I did consider the compression sleeve, but when I was first in the market for socks, my ankles didn’t feel right so I loved the sense of security these socks offered. I have a friend who does wear the sleeves and those seem to work for him.

I have about seven pairs and I’ve had the first handful for over a year. These socks are super durable with seamless reinforcement in the toes and heels, and most importantly, they have held up to this day. I read complaints about other brands where the toes or heels ripped. I’m happy to say the toes and heels of my 2XU compression socks are super study, given what they’ve gone through. LOL

I just visited the 2XU website and was pleasantly surprised to find more fun colors!

Note that I am 4’11” and wear a size XS in women’s.



For anyone experiencing discomfort while running, I suggest 1) resting and 2) investing in the appropriate gear to help you perform well and recover fast!



[disclaim] *I am not a fitness professional. I do not claim to be an expert in fitness. I simply hope to share my experience and passion with others. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. [/disclaim]
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