4 Classes To Take At CorePower Yoga

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When I first started taking classes at CorePower Yoga (“CPY”), I literally took only Hot Power Fusion for a while. Here is a breakdown of the classes CPY offers. Note that I have only taken CPY in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other studios/areas might offer a different variety.

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CorePower Yoga 1 (C1)

I previously passed on taking C1 thinking it was way too beginner for me. But in practicing yoga, foundation classes prove to be quite beneficial.

Although C1 might be a slower pace compared to other classes, I find that I am able to get deeper into my practice.

C1 has also proven itself to the the most soothing class to take when I am sore, or when I simply need a good stretch.

Note that that temperature in C1 classes is typically not set to super hot, which is helpful if you are taking C1 during a lunch break.

CorePower Yoga 2 (C2)

I am a big fan of C2 because it challenges me to further progress in my practice. Some days, I might be able to take the more advanced modifications, and others, I am content in a more beginner pose. Regardless, C2 is a great stepping stone up from C1 since the flows are slightly more advanced, but the foundation from C1 is critical.

In certain C2 classes, we even play with inversions. Sometimes, we work on crow. And other times, we progress to headstands (with the wall to assist if we so choose.

The temperature of C2 is set to perhaps around or just below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I love how sweating feels extra detoxifying in C2.

Yoga Sculpt (YS)

Hard to believe, but I initially refused to take Sculpt. I was stuck on the idea that if I were to take a class at a yoga studio, I want to be zen. I didn’t realize that Sculpt was a great way to flow through foundations while strength training with the addition of weights. Also, the bursts of cardio feels like a dance party when we’re moving through the beat. And as long as the song is good, you know I’m having a good time, which makes class fly by faster.

I love the fusion of yoga meets weights in Sculpt. And it’s also a great class to take when I want to get my cardio in, but I don’t necessarily want to go on a run or do a workout that is a bit more extreme. Sculpt hits that sweet spot.

The temperature of Sculpt is similar to C2, though it does feel warmer during cardio bursts.

Hot Power Fusion (HPF)

Hot Power Fusion is one of my favorite ways to end a day, or the weekend. I believe the flow is typically the same, which is great in terms of working on transitions during your flow. HPF combines Vinyasa flow with a bit of Bikram (poses). Certain poses are not comfortable for me, but modifications are always welcome.

Note that the temperature in HPF is perhaps set to the highest amongst all the classes.


Free Week of Yoga

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