Free Week of CorePower Yoga

For someone who works out as much as I do, I find that practicing yoga is quite beneficial to my recovery and athletic performance.

Yoga used to be a “nice-to-have” workout in my schedule. However, since I’m currently participating in the #FaceYourself Challenge at Barry’s Bootcamp (16 classes in 30 days), I definitely feel the need to slow it down a few days a week.

I love my intense workouts, but they are taking a toll on my my body. I love how refreshed I feel after taking a class at CorePower Yoga (aka “CPY”). My body appreciates the realignment from good hot yoga session.

Free Week

I’ve recently teamed up with my friends at CorePower Yoga to offer you a free week! Simply click here to register.

You are only a click away from having THE most blissful week of your life!

Good for All Levels

CorePower Yoga offers a variety of classes for all levels. My favorite in particular is C2.

Most classes are heated, but I noticed a few studios offer unheated classes in the middle of the day. Perhaps this is to accommodate those of us who decide to sneak out for a long lunch hour or afternoon break to get our zen in before returning back to the hustle and bustle of the work week.

If you’re not sure which classes to take, you can get an idea of the class offerings here.


You can find the nearest CPY near you by using this studio locator here.


My current goal is to take yoga at least twice a week, but in reality, I should practice perhaps three times a week.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to take a class together, let me know! The benefits of Black Tie membership are that I get unlimited classes nationwide!

I love how this platform allows me to meet so many like-minded individuals who appreciate not only physical fitness, but mental and emotional fitness as well.



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