Doga (Dogs + Yoga)

Doga at Barebottle Brewing & Co.

Last year, I did yoga with cats. Funny story though because the cats did not like me, which prompted me to ramp up my search for a dog.

That’s when I saw Sassy and I immediately knew I had to have her! Sassy now fills me with joy and has made me more adventurous, including trying new things like Doga. It’s dogs + yoga, and yes it’s a thing, or perhaps something only in San Francisco (for now).

Fine-tuning my doga practice with Sassy The Shiba Inu

Last year, my friend Kat (@Intentionally_Kat) hosted a doga event, but Sassy and I were unable to attend. When she invited me this year, I blocked my calendar for this event!

You might ask what exactly is doga? It’s basically practicing yoga with your dog by your side. Note that you do not need to have a dog to attend. The only requirement is that you love dogs (and yoga). Attendees who did not bring a dog still enjoyed these furry friends as the dogs were naturally curious about this odd event.

The wonderful thing about doga is that this practice is for yogis (and dogis) of all levels. Note that in order to maintain some level of order, all dogs had to be on a non-retractable leash while. Dog owners held onto the leash with either their hands or had the leash tucked under their foot, as directed by our yoga instructor, Jenn Pavlova (@flexandflowjp). Even though we were here for doga, Jenn made sure we still maintained our concentration during our practice.

The event was co-hosted by Poppy (@poppy.thedoodle) whose mom, Sam, just created Canine’s Companion (@caninescompanion), which is a community dog lovers who want to bring their dogs to events. The site officially launches in May 2019, so more to come.

I love how Sassy got to practice doga next to Poppy!

Poppy Mae the Aussiedoodle + Sassy the Shiba Inu

One of the reasons why I attend events is to network with those who share common interests with me. I met Einstein’s mom who works with the Dog Protective Services (@dpsrescue). They are always in need of short-term foster care, so if you’re thinking about getting a dog, this is the perfect way to test it out. It can be as short term as only a single night! I wish I did this when I first dappled into the idea of becoming a dog owner.

Sassy + Einstein

One of the most interesting organizations I connected with was the Wag Brigade (@sfowagbrigade), which is the program that provides therapy dogs strolling around San Francisco Airport! After talking with Jen the founder, I might consider getting Sassy trained for this since her temperament is calm. But this requires Sassy to passing the Canine Good Citizen test, which might be a big task.

Jen reassured me it might take a year to prep a dog for the Wag Brigade, but it would be really good in terms of socialization. Although Sassy is polite in public, she does get shy. So it’s something I’m debating about. The best part is that the shifts are only two hours long, but the dogs are “working” for only 90 minutes. Imagine your dog enjoying 90 minutes of cuddles and getting their bellies rubbed. Not only is it a great way to socialize your dog, but you as the dog owner would meet interesting folks traveling all over the world!

The things Sassy puts up with me in terms of creating content LOL

I also met Bonnie from Yoconut, which is a dairy free, soy free, and gluten free yogurt made from coconuts, and no added sugar. What struck a chord with me was how Bonnie left her career as a CPA (sound familiar?) to pursue her passion. I am truly inspired.

Saje Wellness (pronounced “sage”) was also there and introduced me to essential oils, which I’ve always taken an interest in. I’m particularly interested in getting this Pocket Farmacy which contains a handful of oils for various types of targeted reliefs. I’m also eyeing this diffuser to bring some peaceful scents into my home.

Since Athleta was also a sponsor, I decided to wear my my Stash Pocket Salutation Peony 7/8 Tight in Warm Multi (Size XS) in hopes of winning the raffle. I did not win the raffle, but I still feel like a winner because these pants are amazing. They fit like a glove, and provide compression in the right places!

Truth be told, it was not my deepest practice, nor was it my most intense workout. However, I still followed through with a great flow and was able to release some tension throughout my body. I attended the event in order to meet new people, as well as to socialize Sassy. It was the perfect way to spend my Sunday morning and close out my birthday month!

Sassy and I are definitely looking forward to the next event! I hope she will have a better dogi practice by then!

In good health,

Sassy & Bern

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