Highlights of My Trip to Washington, D.C.

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Last weekend, I went on a quick trip to Washington, D.C. for my good friend’s law school graduation. I joined my family for the tail end of their trip and we visited the Renwick Gallery and the World War II Memorial.

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Georgetown Law School Graduation
For the past three years, my friend Meagan attended law school at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Last weekend, she graduated with a whole bunch of honors! I flew in to witness her pomp and circumstance.

Meagan Elizabeth Gordon, J.D.

Meagan Elizabeth Gordon, J.D.

Meagan and I met over ten years ago through a dance group at U.C. Berkeley. Right away, I knew she had to be my friend and part of my inner circle! Flash forward ten years later, and we are still sisters and friends. Our friendship is so strong that I don’t even feel the distance between us.

We’ll continue our bi-coastal friendship as Meagan as she has a job lined up working for the DA’s office in Philadelphia! I wish she moves back to the west coast one day, or perhaps I’ll finally make my way to NYC. Either way, I’m just glad I have a friend in law.

Meagan's Graduation1_Berniedette of Petite And Toned


Sara, Joyce, Lolo, and I celebrating Meagan's graduation from law school!

Sara, Joyce, Lolo, and I celebrating Meagan’s graduation from law school!

Renwick Gallery
I love and respect all the history that Washington, D.C. has to offer. There’s plenty of museums to visit. One of the new museums I wanted to visit was the Renwick Gallery, which is a Smithsonian American Art Museum dedicated to the future of art.

Reasons why I love the Renwick:

1. The installations are not limited to space on the wall. Nor are they protected in a glass case. You can actually step into some of the art installations, provided that you don’t touch. My dad got in trouble for touching the thread on the rainbow.

2. You can enjoy the gallery in thirty minutes! During the time we went, a few installations were closed, however, I still think that this is a great place to visit if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to one museum.

3. Photography is encouraged! Realizing the power of free advertising on social media, the curators at the Renwick actually encourage you to take photos here and use the #RenwickGallery! There is even a television installation showcasing the posts on Instagram!

4. It is across the street from my favorite building in D.C., the Eisenhower Executive Office Building! As much as I love the monumental architecture in D.C., this building has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of San Francisco. The design of the building might not be Victorian, but in terms of opulence, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building is basically the mansion or exterior of my dreams! I was pleasantly surprised that this is the building my friend Abra actually works in!

The Renwick is a museum NOT to miss!

Renwick Gallery Wonder1_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Renwick Gallery Wonder4_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Renwick Gallery Wonder2_Berniedette of Petite And Toned


Renwick Gallery Wonder3_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Can you believe this is made entirely of index cards?

Renwick Gallery Wonder5_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Pleasantly surprised to find a Chihuly chandelier here!

EEOB_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is across from the Renwick Gallery.

World War II Memorial
My family headed to DC a few days before me and went hopping around the mall already. One of the memorials they had yet to see was the World War II Memorial. I’m so glad they saved this for the last day because I did not make it out to this memorial during my DC trip two years ago.

FYI: For those of you not familiar with DC, “the mall” is not for shopping. It refers to the area of DC where all the monuments reside in their glory. I did not know this until my first visit two years ago.

Fun Fact #1: The Philippines was once a United States territory, so my family obviously took photos at our Motherland’s column.

Fun Fact #2: My dad served four years in the United States Navy, which is what allowed my family to immigrate here from the Philippines. (His dad and one brother served as well.) During our visit, we saw a bunch of veterans gathering at the WWII memorial. We shook their hands and thanked them for serving. Quite a great moment (but too bad I accidentally erased photos from this hour).

WWII Memorial1_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

WWII Memorial2_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

My sister reflects on the past.

WWII Memorial3_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

WWII Memorial4_Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Did you know my Motherland, the Philippines, used to be U.S. territory?


It was a short trip, but I’m glad to get away for a little bit. I’m back to my normal life now, which I appreciate, but suddenly coming down with the travel bug. Where to next? I have a bachelorette weekend or two coming up, so stay tuned!

Safe travels!


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