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Packing Cubes - Berniedette of Petite And Toned

If you’re like me, you’re constantly packing your gym clothes, or outfit for the day in your gym bag.  I’ve always struggled to find the perfect way to store my clothes in my gym bag.

Petite Version of this post

Buy yourself a few small sized packing cubes. It’s a great time hack for busy fit girls because you can prepare multiple outfits ahead of time. I love my eBags packing cubes!



Ok, some of you might think this is weird.  Why would I need to store my clothes in another container within a gym bag? Personally, I’m a germaphobe.  I don’t want my clean unmentionables to get contaminated by cosmetics or the flat iron case that I’ve trudged all over town.

Previously, I used extra plastic bags offered by either my gym or studio. I’ll pack an extra one on my way out (sorry!) so that I can stuff my next outfit in a clean bag. Now whether all not all items in the clean bag were actually freshly washed, that is up to me. I mean, we re-wear our jeans, but more often than not, unused clothes go into my plastic bag.

But this is just so much plastic!  And on top of that, I found it hard to keep my clothes stored in the right shape to fit into my gym bag.


Two friends in two different social circles introduced me to the concept of packing cubes a while ago. It was only recently that I went ahead and purchased a few.

I found this helpful review by a woman named Lali of HaftaCrafta. She reviews around six brands.  I cross referenced her reviews with those of Amazon’s and I narrowed it down to either the eBags or Shacke Pak.

As much as I loved the quality offered by Shacke Pak, I returned them and kept my eBags set and here are the reasons why.

Shacke Pack versus eBags

Shacke Pak only offered a few sizes, which were relatively big for packing a single outfit, especially if it was spandex for my evening workout. So they had to go back.

eBag’s may not be as sturdy as Shacke Pak’s, however, they offer plenty of sizes, colors, and prints. Also, I can easily throw eBags into the wash and hang to dry – this is so I don’t continuously contaminate my fresh clothes.  Germaphobe, remember? (Note my dirty gym clothes obviously make it into a plastic bag offered by my gym or studio. If drenched, no way would my filthy spandex make it into a packing cube ever! Unless I planned to put that cube in the hamper right away. LOL)

I am a recovering bag lady (I plan to post something about that later). So I like the smaller sized eBags because it gives me the flexibility I need to organize my purse.  My favorite eBags sizes are the slimsmall, and the medium slim or small slim offered in this package.

The fact that you can order a few at a time means you can organize multiple outfits! Such a great time-saving hack for me when I’m super busy. In a perfect world, I pack or organize a few outfits ahead of time, provided they won’t wrinkle when folded up.

And guess which eBag print is my fave?  The Leopard one, obvi! I love how it makes a statement inside my purse, which makes it easy to find!

I hope you find this helpful!



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