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Photo Credit: Rey Marquez (IG: @rmcapture) For outfit details, scroll down below!

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Kinda been swamped at work the past few weeks, so I’ll make this short and sweet! (Like me, I hope!) Finally found a romper that works for someone with my petite and athletic build!


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The idea of wearing a romper takes me tack to my childhood when I wore onesies to sleep or to play around in at home. They were so comfortable and always kept me warm (well, except for when I had to use the restroom, so I quickly learned to wear a thermal top underneath).

I have to admit, I was slow on the romper trend, partially because I never found one that suited me, until I found this cute one from Forever21!

Why I initially had a hard time with rompers:

Previously, most rompers had a flouncy, gartered waistline, which made wearing one super comfortable. However, that does not favor someone petite such as myself because it added visual weight around my waist. If my waist was significantly smaller than my bottom, this gartered romper wouldn’t be problem for me.

The flouncy type of rompers are better suited for women who are longer in the torso, and perhaps have a smaller waist. Why? They have more room in the torso to adjust where the gartered waistline goes.

I’m just not build that way. I am shaped more like a gymnast and I don’t necessarily have that coke bottle figure. Oh well. I have one surplice romper (from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), which is quite flouncy at the waist. And the only way for me to wear it was with a belt to 1) help define my waist and 2) hide some of the flounce in my belt.

Once I found this romper fitted at the waist, I had to have it.

Outfit Details:

Forever 21 romper fitted at the waist, size small (similar)

Vince Camulo “Sandria” Ghillie Lace up sandal in dolphin grey (now, at Nordstrom Rack, but here is a similar style)

Most of my jewelry is from Stella & Dot! (my stylist link)

Chantily Lace Chandelier earrings (sold out, but here is a similar pair, which I also own and LOVE!)

Chantily Lace Cuff (also comes in matte black, which I own as well!)

Lace ring is a flea market find

Pave wishing bracelet

My two necklaces are sold out, but here is a versatile Tiered Lariat Necklace that you can wear either as two layers, or pick only one!

Why this romper works for me:

The fitted waistline rests just underneath my bra line and flares out from there. Most flouncy rompers typically hit me somewhere on my belly, which is not the most flattering. I think this fitted waistline works well with my body type versus against it.

The slight flair in the shorts from the “empire waistline” makes me look proportional for my height.

I also like the length, though it is perhaps too short to wear to work (unless I push the boundaries with tights underneath?). I might wear these with shorts underneath, both for coverage and in case I want a quick change into a workout.

The V-neck opens up my chest which gives me room to breathe. Necklines can be tricky for me. I like this neck line because the openess of it makes me look longer. In general (but not always), a high neckline makes me look (and feel) stuffed.



If you’re looking for something new to try, I encourage you to consider a romper. It’s basically like wearing pajamas, but one you can wear out in public!

Just know that my only con is going to the rest room as that takes more effort.

Romping Around_Romper 2_Berniedette of Petite And Toned



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