Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program

I first heard of Sakara from one of my favorite studios years ago. I was always curious about it, but it never piqued until I went plant-based in 2020. I just tried a 3-day program and I can’t wait to treat myself to another one soon! Enjoy 20% off your first meal program or 10-Day Reset with code: XOBERNIEDETTE

Enjoy 20% off your first Sakara meal program or 10-Day Reset with code: XOBERNIEDETTE

What is Sakara?

Sakara is a meal delivery service program that is plant-based and gluten free. They create nutrient-dense, organic, high-quality meals delivered straight to your door. Meal plans are customizable as you can choose either two, three, or five days a week, and up to three meals a day. There is no commitment other than the first week as you can skip weeks as needed.

Why Sakara?

In case you haven’t heard, eating more plants is in and does a body good. Sakara believes food as medicine, and after just three days on the program, I’m a believer.

Not only did I feel more energized while on Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program, but I actually felt what the power of plants can do in terms of gut health. Added bonus: my skin reaped the benefits as well.

My Story

Over the past year, I realized I am intolerant to both gluten and dairy. My initial attempt to go vegan was a commitment of only 30 days, but I felt too good that almost two years later, I still strive to eat plant-based foods. Given that Sakara was both plant-based and gluten free, I thought it was worth a three day trial.

I never thought I would try a meal delivery service program, mainly due to the price, but also because I wasn’t sure if I would like “fancy leftovers” and whether or not the meals would be big enough to satisfy my hunger.

First off, Sakara delivers food up to two times a week and strategically schedules your meals. For example, meals that can be heated are typically scheduled towards the end of the two or three day delivery.

As far as the actual size of the prepackaged meals, the recyclable containers are literally packed. Once you plate your food, you’ll find yourself grabbing your bigger plates!

Most importantly, I found meal time such a treat during these three days. It was nice to change up your meals and not eat the same leftover for days. Every week, I find myself drooling when looking at next week’s menu.

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Start your journey with Sakara

Sakara is more than just a meal delivery program, it’s a lifestyle about nourishing your body and mind. Don’t forget! Use my code XOBERNIEDETTE for 20% off.

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