Senreve Archive Sale

Save up to $380 at Senreve. The Archive Sale is here and with up to 50% off select handbags, you don’t want to miss out! As always, my link ( will automatically apply a $50 discount code to your cart. And yes! This $50 discount is stackable on top of the sale! Event is from 9am PST on January 13th through 6am PST on January 18th. Note: Discount requires a $300 purchase to activate.

Save at Senreve during their Archive

Senreve is making room for their new styles and will offer select handbags at deep discounts. If you’ve been eyeing a Senreve bag, now is the time to seriously consider making the investment!

Senreve Aria (read more here), Maestra, and Milli Maestra. Photo: Senreve

Check out the savings here:

Preview of the Senreve Archive Sale!

To give you a taste of how much you can save, I’ve done the math for you!

If you do the math, that’s a savings of $380 off the Fiore Bucket Bag!

Here are just some of the bags and colorways that will be available at the Archive Sale. Note that some have extremely limited qualities so get them while you can. I will update this with pricing after the sale starts, but for now, here’s a taste of what will be on sale.

  • Alunna – Scarlet, Mint, Raspberry, Colorblock Chestnut, Colorblock Cream, Colorblock Merlot
  • Mini Alunna – Pebbled Mint, Dolce Raspberry, Colorblock Cream, Colorblock Chestnut, Colorblock Merlot
  • Mini Armonica – Amica Night, Walnut, Currant
  • Aria Belt Bag – Dolce Chocolate, Dragon Aubergine, Amica Walnut, Amica Fern, Amica Currant, Amica Night, Mimosa Peony, Mimosa Lemon
  • Armonica Bag – Amica Night, Amica Currant, Amica Fern
  • Armonica Tote – Amica Night, Amica Walnut, Amica Fern, Amica Currant
  • Coda Belt Bag – Pebbled Noir, Pebbled Marine, Mimosa Blanc, Mimosa Onyx, Mimosa Lilac, Mimosa, Lemon, Dragon Chestnut, Dragon Wave, Dragon Cream, Dragon Noir
  • Continental Wallet – Amica Misto Night, Amica Misto Walnut, Amica Misto Fern, Amica Misto Currant
  • Crossbody – Pebbled Chestnut, Cream, Blush, Sand, Noir, Forest, Aubergine, Mimosa Onyx, Lilac, Chiffon, Storm
  • Doctor Bag – Pebbled Aubergine, Dolce Chocolate, Pebbled Blush, Pebbled Coral
  • Envelope Sleeve – Onyx Zebra, Suede Blush, Coral
  • Fiore Bucket Bag – Amica Misto Night, Amica Misto Walnut, Amica Misto Fern, Amica Misto Currant
  • Maestra – Dolce Butterscotch, Chianti, Chocolate, Mimosa Lilac, Spearmint, Bordeaux
  • Midi Maestra – Mimosa Storm, Dolce Slate, Dolce Butterscotch, Dragon Chai, Dolce Chocolate, Dolce Chianti, Dragon Storm, Mimosa Peony, Dolce Charcoal, Dolce Cement
  • Mini Maestra – Pebbled Mint, Spice, Turmeric, Tangerine, Dolce Chocolate, Chianti, Cement, Dragon Storm, Marine

The Aria Belt Bag by Senreve with Reversible Belt as a handbag strap. Photo: Senreve

From the list above, I do have the Alunna, Aria, Armonica, Coda, Continental Clutch Wallet, Crossbody, Doctor Bag, Envelope Sleeve, Fiore Bucket Bag, Maestra, Midi Maestra, and Mini Maestra.

One might call me addicted to Senreve, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing.

Quite a bit of my collection was purchased either during the Archive Sale or their Handbag Revival Events. I was once able to snag a Coda Belt bag for about $200 during one of these events! And yes, my link ( will give you an extra $50 off that! Note: Discount requires a $300 purchase to activate.

So mark your calendars and shop early to score the best deals at Senreve’s Archive Sale!



Admiring Senreve‘s collection at their store in San Francisco.
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