The Senreve Handbag Revival Event

The Senreve Handbag Revival is here! Save an additional $50 at Photo Credit: Senreve

It’s back! Senreve’s Bi-Annual Handbag Revival event is here now through August 11th! This is their biggest sale of the year as you can save up to 65% off! Spend $300 to unlock a complimentary gift valued at up to $115. Choose between either a silk face mask or leather charm. As always, you can stack an additional $50 off your order of $300+ using my link No additional code required.

This is personally one of my favorite events and where I stock on the purses I covet. Not only can you score great deals, but this is Senreve’s way of practicing sustainable fashion. Did you know that some fashion brands burn their excess product to “protect” their brand? Senreve wants to shed light on this practice and instead, offers gently used bags at a special price. These bags might have been used in a photoshoot, or perhaps were on display at a showroom, but either way, they’re still good products that need another life.

Shop by Category

The sale is divided into the following categories, but many styles have only 1-2 units available, so shop early!

Perfectly Repacked

Savings are up to 30% off! These are brand new styles with no imperfections or damages.

Perfect Enough

Savings are up to 40% off! These are gently handled items with 1-3 visible imperfections. Over the past few years, I’ve purchased a few in this category and you can’t distinguish these blemishes from normal wear and tear.

Perfectly Imperfect

Savings are up to 65% off! These are also gently handled items, but with 2-4 minor visible inconsistencies. This is the first category I look at since they have great finds! I own quite a few perfectly imperfect and love how they’ve been loved. Honestly, the “visible” inconsistencies aren’t always the easiest to see, which makes this a great steal. Stack $50 off with my link ( and you are set!

Last Chance

Savings are up to 60% off! All good things must come to an end, but you can still nab their styles they’re retiring at a deep discount. Best part? There are no inconsistencies or imperfections! They’re simply making room for more inventory!

Gently used bags get a second life at Senreve’s Handbag Revival Event.
Save an additional $50 at Photo Credit: Senreve

My Treasured Finds

Below are just a few of the items I scored during the HBR event over the past few years! As always, you can layer on additional savings and get a $50 discount when you purchase through my link:

The Armonica in Pebbled Marine. Originally $845. Purchased at $592. Savings = 30% off

The Doctor Bag in Pebbled Coral. Originally $895. Purchased at $627. Savings = 30% off

The Midi Maestra in Vegan Saffiano Noir. Originally $845. Purchased at $448. Savings = 47% off

The Midi Maestra in Pebbled Lavender. Originally $795. Purchased at $556. Savings = 30% off

The Coda in Smooth Latte. Originally $445. Purchased at $312. Savings = 30% off

The Alunna in Pebbled Mauve. Originally $675. Purchased at $405. Savings = 40% off

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