Sunday Soul Cycle

Today, I had the opportunity to finally meet up with a few great women I’ve admired from afar in the Instagram fitness community! What started out as a small healthy brunch workout date with two of my IG crushes, ended up as a full blown party at Soul Cycle SOMA taught by the cutest teacher, Molli!

Petite Version of this Post

I had a blast riding it out here at Soul Cycle SOMA with some fitness friends I made online. It was a good mixture of women who follow either Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide (BBG) or Tone It Up (TIU). This was mainly a BBG group, but the three of us who initially got together are fans of both BBG and TIU – and group fitness classes, obvi!

Note: No matter who or what program you follow, I believe we can all be friends because we all have the same goals in mind. I love the fitness community on Instagram (both global and local) because of the support we provide each other. And unlike Mean Girls, I believe…

[pullquote width=”400″ float=”right”] You can always sit with us! [/pullquote]

Sunday Soul Cycle - BBG Bay Area with Molli - Berniedette of Petite And Toned

Or as these girls say, “You can sweat with us!” More photos in gallery below.

Full Post

My Instagram CrushesSunday Soul Cycle - View from First Street with Pressed Juicery - Berniedette of Petite And Toned

I’ve always admired Kat and Grace, these fabulous women on Instagram who are just two of the many inspiring people I’ve “met online”.

I first noticed Kat because we frequented the same studios here in the Bay Area, but for some reason, never bumped into each other in class. I admire her for being a philanthropic boss lady and mom who still makes fitness a priority.

Grace and her sister, Joanna, are from LA. I made a natural connection with both. (It’s called social media for a reason!) I think it is so cute how the #ParkSistersGetFit.

[Side Note: I wish my own sister (also nicknamed Grace) worked out with me often, but she is skinny fat. Although we are sisters, we don’t have the same body type or genetics, so perhaps I’m adopted LOL. My sister HAS taken two Barry’s Bootcamp classes with me and she almost threw up the second time. We got upset that my sister did not proceed to upchuck because she could have walked away with a free shirt from Barry’s!]

So back to Kat and Grace…

Grace was in town for the weekend and asked whether or not Kat and I were free to workout during her stay. Um, yes! We decided on Soul Cycle. I asked that we take Molli’s class because I’ve met her at Barry’s and I love her positive energy. She openly welcomed me to take her class, and that was really all I needed to consider getting her into my schedule. Also, the 10:45am class was “late” enough for a Sunday in case we wanted to sleep in =D

Kat, Grace and I frantically booked our spots at noon last Monday. (OMG, the anxiety, but we managed to book three bikes in a row!) Kat asked if she could invite others. Both Grace and I loved the idea. Little did we know we’d meet a few big names in the local BBG communnity!

Pre-Workout Meet Up

As always, I arrived early. I’ve recently taken up photography and thought it would be fun to practice here. Also, the design of the studio would make pointing and snapping so easy.

It was a little big hectic in between classes, and I wasn’t exactly sure which girls were attending, though some did look familiar. I figure I’d officially meet them afterwards!

I was pleasantly surprised to bump into a former manager who took the class before me, as well as Joel (Barry’s Bootcamp instructor extraordinaire) and his boyfriend, who both took the same class as me!

The Workout

Sunday Soul Cycle - Minimum Height Requirement - Berniedette of Petite And TonedThe first thing you should know about me is that I do not take spin very often. Perhaps it is due to my height as the settings on some bikes just aren’t compact enough for me. I’ve been to Soul Cycle once before and I knew their bikes fit me relatively well. Also, I read Soul Cycle’s FAQ’s and was very happy to see that I met the minimum 4’11” requirement as that is actually how tall I am 😉 What’s not always comfortable is the the seat.

Oh boy, did Molli work us out well!

I had Grace on my left, Kat on my right, and all the other girls spread throughout the room. I liked that the three of us kept relatively the same cadence, so that kept me motivated during class.

Molli did a great job of inspiring the class. She was full of energy, though not outrageously over-the-top. I definitely felt her soul and found it to be positive and genuine. Also, I was inspired to spin sexy like Molli! The way she swayed those hips and kept to the beat, I could tell Molli has a background in dance, especially when she demonstrated the weights exercises out of her seat and on the floor. Molli’s style of spinning is cute, jazzy, and hot. And similar to how I am in dance class, I wanted to emulate the teacher because I actually grew up more of a dancer, not an athlete.

My favorite part was when Molli grooved to the beat with her hair down and she did a hair flip. I was inspired to do similar hairography as well, which is one of my signature moves at Barry’s when my hair is in the way, but my hands have weights and I want to keep lifting! It felt like a dance class and I loved it! A nice change from my normal bootcamp, pilates or barre workouts!

When I first met Molli, I knew there was something more to her. After reading these posts on her blog (Part I and Part II), I was blown away. If the universe spoke to her on several occasions, I need to listen. I hope it speaks to me soon. Molli’s motto is to “Live your most awesome life” and I like it!

Post-Workout Mingling

After the class, the girls mingled outside during our cool down. Amazed how some of these women commuted from Vallejo, the East Bay, South Bay – and well, Grace, from LA!

It was so nice to finally meet Kristen, who happens to be at least 6 foot tall, by the way.

I also met Jo, and who is gorgeous with her silver grey hair and another fit mom.

And I got shy around Mickey only because she is so fierce and tiny like me!

I was humbled when Nancy and Ashley came up to introduce themselves somewhat excited to meet me. Truth was, I was probably more excited to meet them! “Yes! Let’s be friends!” It was funny because we shared this awkward moment of “hmm, I think I know you, but do I really? Should I say hi? Or just keep to myself?” I’m glad they said hi!

It was a great bunch of women, but towards the end, I asked for everyone’s name. For some reason, we knew of each other’s handles, but not necessarily our first names.

Definitely a great way to spend my Sunday morning!

I’m happy to make new friends and to finally meet these fabulous women in person. I feel fortunate to live in the Bay Area where a living healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

This rates high among my “online dating” experiences. I look forward to bumping into these ladies and setting up more workout dates in the future!

More photos! Click to enlarge. To the girls I met today, feel free to use or share. Though not required, photo credit (@PetiteAndToned) is always appreciated.

In good health,


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