Work at a Desk All Day? Here Are Some Ways You Can Stay Active!

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Like many individuals nowadays, you probably work in an office, either behind a desk or in front of a computer screen for, what it seems like, incalculable hours during the work week. An internet-based workplace is becoming the new way of life for employees, and it is truly detrimental to our overall health. With this lifestyle results in unbearable aches in the shoulders, back and neck, as well as frequent visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist. Read these amazing tips to make those doctor’s appointments infrequent and to provide yourself with a more enjoyable workday.


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Workout at Your Desk

You may be thinking “Is it even possible to exercise your body when you’re sitting at a desk?” The answer is “YES!” With the number of desk workers increasing day by day, technological advancements and ideas are as well. The investment in desk exercise equipment is becoming a popular trend for many desk workers. Those who have desk exercise equipment do see a difference in their metabolism, blood pressure and productivity. A desk treadmill, ankle weights or a balance ball chair are all great examples! Make sure to measure your desk space before purchasing to ensure it won’t take up too much space in your office.

I do not have the luxury of having a fancy desk, but I do love it when my workstation has standing desk where I get to sorta dance around my area as I listen to my favorite playlist. See below for more information on standing desks!

Take Frequent Walks Around the Office

“Sitting all day is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes” has become an accentuated analogy based off of recent research regarding workplace wellness. Being stagnant all day is the epitome of an unhealthy lifestyle, and it is important that we stay determined in letting our bodies move around quite often during the day. Without motion, our innovative way of thinking deteriorates and the amount of hours in our corporate caves drag on and slow us down. Making it a priority to take a few 10-15 minute breaks away from the office throughout the day will benefit! Along with the fitness related advantages, taking walks delivers a psychological reset, and can change your mood from miserable to motivated.

If you’re like me, you try to drink as much water throughout the day. This literally forces me out of my seat when I either need to use the restroom or refill on liquids! Also, I love to walk around the office to get to know my colleagues. Because never know when I’ll need something from them in the future! 😉

Group Exercise

Fitness events, such as 5K walks and runs, gym classes, or certain volunteering contributions are all great ways to get you and your coworkers moving during the work week or weekend. Attending group fitness classes not only contributes to fixing unhealthy habits, but often supports a humanitarian cause too! Encourage your workplace to sign up for an event, and if there aren’t any scheduled in your community, organize one yourself by using an online event management platform! That way you can track your RSVPs, and stay organized!

You know I’m a big fan of group fitness. And I love working out with colleagues. Although some might be scared to take bootcamp class with me (perhaps because I’m too fierce? LOL), I’ve found that quite a bit of my co-workers do like to sign up for fitness-related events.

Try a Standing Desk

It’s not always easy taking a break from a task you’re immersed in at work, but at the same time, sitting for too long is not a great idea either. To combine the best of both worlds, many companies are installing or encouraging standing desks. These allow you to simultaneously burn calories and get work done, along with allowing you to switch your bodies position to become more comfortable. Other changes that come along with productivity at a standing desk include better posture. There’s a lot of interesting research about how standing desks can make a big difference in your workflow.

Standing desks might come at a premium, but there are plenty of products out there. For instance, both the Varidesk, which I’ve used before, and the Fellows Sit-Stand are products that you can place on top of a normal desk which transforms it to a convertible standing desk.



Make sure to motivate other desk workers in your workplace to pursue an active lifestyle to contribute to more work days full of movement!

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Note that this post was kindly drafted by the folks over at Eventbrite. As someone who works at a desk all day (and as someone who suffers from tight hip-flexers), I felt strongly enough about this topic that I wanted to share it with you!

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