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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to practice yoga in the sky. It was quite refreshing. I want to share my experience with you while the class is still offered (as Yoga in the Sky probably won’t take place during the rainy season). With a view like this, it was absolutely worth it!


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The Class

A few of my friends told me about Yoga In the Sky hosted by Wheel House, and of course we had to try!

The class is held on one of the rooftops of the Loews Hotel. They are held on Saturdays (until further notice) and start at 9am. Students are asked to meet at the Loews Hotel Spa on the third floor by 8:40am.

Upon arrival, staff will ask you to sign a waiver if you have yet to do so. They will then escort you up to the rooftop. It might be the 40th floor, but which exact floor, I can not remember.

Note that mats and yoga blocks are provided. I think if the staff arrived earlier, they would have set up the mats for us. But I actually think my classmates preferred to pick out their specific spots, or the way they angled their yoga mats.

Two classes were offered at the same time, one more beginner, and one a bit more advanced. We signed up for Athletic Yoga Level 1-2 versus Level 2. It appears Level 1-2 was good for us as the folks in Level 2 went into more advanced inversions. We felt quite fortunate that we chose Level 1-2 as our instructor, Jacob Reynolds, ended up teaching on the side of the building that allowed us to get a view of the bay! The view for Level 2 showcased the Financial District which glistened during the early golden hour. I’m not sure if Level 1-2 always gets this view showcased below, but either rooftop is a splendid place to practice yoga.

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See those red brick buildings? That’s Levi’s Strass Headquarters – where I previously worked!

Given the weather in San Francisco, I advise wearing layers to this outdoor class. One of my friends also wore yoga/grippy socks, which kept her warm. I would even suggest wearing (grippy) gloves, or choose longsleeves that are long enough to cover the top of your hands. During class, we started to warm up and eventually shed layers. However, during the cool down, I think it is a good idea to layer back up.

To finish things up, the staff served us freshly squeezed green juice. They made more than enough that I ended up with two servings!

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Things that I enjoyed in class:

  • Our instructor, Jacob, gave very descriptive directions and his voice set the tone for a calm hour. I’ve seen him around at another studio, so I knew we were in good hands.
  • Vinyasa flow is my favorite type of yoga. Jacob warmed us up for each sequence and had us repeat to improve our flow.
  • The view is ridiculously outstanding!
  • The fresh air! I mean, when was the last time you breathed in fresh air during yoga? Note that I am a big fan hot yoga (Vinyasa flow as Bikram is too hot for me)
  • I can’t complain about the complimentary refreshments. Such a great treat!

Room for improvement:

  • Sweat factor – Given that it was overcast (typical of San Francisco), I did not break a sweat, though I did have to peel off layers during class. Perhaps an outdor heater would have been nice, but may have taken away from the “ambiance”.

Class Info:  Wheel House Yoga In the Sky: Athletic Yoga (1-2)

Instructor: Jacob Reynolds

Time: 9am on Saturdays (meet at 8:40am) – Note that this class is typically not offered during the cold / Winter months.

Mat booked: Spot 4 (not that this mattered)

Work out is good for:  Stretching, rejuvenation, core stability, low impact

Workout is bad for: Cardio

Would I come back to Yoga in the Sky?: Yes!

Out of my 10 ClassPass bookings available in one cycle, how many bookings would I use at WheelHouse for each cycle?: Perhaps once every two months. Note that I commit myself to other workouts on Saturdays, hence the lower frequency.

How social media friendly is this studio? How “instagrammable” is this studio (or outdoor patio)?: Very. I am a fan of photos taken outdoors, especially with a blue backgrounds (sky or water) or  a scenic view.


Studio Info

In case you’re interested, thought this section might be helpful for prospective students.

Studio Name:  Wheel House, but class is held at the Loews Hotel.


Instagram Account and #’s: @WheelHouseSF #WheelHouseSF (not noted on their website)

Facebook Page:

Address (for class): 222 Sansome St, San Francisco, CA 94104

Phone: (415) 666-2288 then press 0

Email: (Based on my experience, it might take a day or so for them to respond, but to be fair, I may have emailed during the weekend.)

Classes Offered: Cycling, Yoga, TRX, Pilates (mat), Strength Training – You can read more here

Class Schedule Website:

  • When to book: Seems like you can book out way ahead in advance, but due to the seasonality of Yoga in the Sky, spots do book up way in advance.

ClassPass Website:

  • When to book: At the earliest, book a week out at noon PST.
  • Due to popularity of Yoga in the Sky, spots might not always be available on ClassPass. It’s worth buying a package to ensure a spot in this class, though sometimes, last-minute cancellations might open up spots on the ClassPass platform.

ZenRez Website: For some reason, the studio is no longer on the ZenRez platform.

  • But should it return, the earliest you can book is 9pm PST the night before. Given the high demand in Yoga in the Sky, I would prefer to secure my spot through platforms noted above.

Parking: Street (metered – I use the PayByPhone app); or discounted rates at Embarcadero Center as they DO validate. Tip: look at their FAQ here (Bullet Point 8). They can validate up to four hours on weekends.

Public Transit: I’m not familiar with the bus lines in San Francisco, but given it’s proximity to downtown, there are plenty of ways to get to the Loews Hotel via public transit, including Bart.

Etiquette: Similar to any yoga studio. Simply respect the space of your fellow yogis during practice.


  • Mats
  • Yoga blocks
  • No lockers on the rooftop (obvi), but you can just leave your bags along the edges of the wall
  • Fresh squeezed green juice served after class

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